We want to change the way you buy lacrosse sticks.

        At mainely mesh, we understand that your stick isn't just another piece of equipment. Your stick is an extension of your body, and just like your body, what you require from your stick will vary based on your age, strength, size, and very well may change as you grow in your lacrosse career. As a result, we've spent copious amounts of time analyzing EVERY stick on the market--not just the most expensive ones or the ones with the highest profit margins for us--so that we can ensure you find the perfect fit, regardless of cost. 

We aren't here to sell you anything. We're here to help you buy. 

        Although the pocket is certainly the most important part of a stick, for us, it's the icing on the cake. Our pockets are designed to take advantage of the unique specifications of each head we string. We make unparalleled consistency and hold a given, then allow you to tweak the feel of your sticks release with one of our four focused shooter setups. Whether you're buying a head from us or sending in one of your own, we guarantee the result will feel more natural than any stick you've tried before; if it's not, send the head back in 30 days and we'll string it to your personal preferences free of charge! 


mainely mesh isn't a retailer, it's a movement. 


simply play simply
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