A word from our founder, Chris Burke, a Portland, Maine native with a full decade of stringing experience.

Simply Play Simply. That's all I've ever wanted from lacrosse. I didn't want to become a 'lax bro', I didn't want to "pick up chicks," I didn't want grow my hair out, I didn't even want to win it all; all I wanted was to simply play. When I played, I didn't have the quickest hands, the fastest shot, the biggest biceps, or the tightest split; when I played the best I played simply, and when I simply played simply I had the most fun. I fell in love with the game. It was as simple as that. I lifted so I wouldn't be scared on the field and I could simply play, I worked on my offhand so I could play simply. I played the game because I loved it, and I taught the game so others could love it too. I suppose that's why I started stringing. There's nothing worse than worrying about your stick while playing, and nothing worse than watching a player look at his stick after missing a shot. A consistent pocket made the game simple, and sharing that pocket made the game a little more simple for others. As a result, I've focused my energy on stringing mainly mesh; it's simple, and with the proliferation of high quality "performance mesh", it's consistent. Thus, mainely mesh found the soil in which to root itself and hopes to extend its branches to players of all ages with one goal in mind:

Simply Play Simply

Our goal is to provide a consistent mesh pocket at an affordable price so that more players can stop worrying about their sticks and start focusing on their game. All of our pockets come with a one-month guarantee: if your pocket fails you, return it in one month and we will restring it free of charge. We are confident in our pockets, and you should be too.